At Department of Business and Management at Aalborg University (AAU) the main research area is business administration and economics including: organization and strategy, accounting, auditing, international business and marketing, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship and business models, economics, and health economics. Research activities are organized in:

Reseach Groups and Centers


AUD (Accountant Graduate Study) focuses on the fields with signifacant value of operating a business or a public authority with advice, accounting, auditing, financial management, etc. 


The EOB (Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior) research group studies the dynamics of organizations.


The IKE (Innovation, Knowledge and Economic dynamics) group has evolved into a long-term research program in innovation studies, industrial economics, and entrepreneurship.



The MAMTEP (Macroeconomic Methodology, Theory and Economic Policy ) research group focuses on the complexities of the processes of adjustment in a modern monetary macroeconomic system.



The mission of TBRP (Theory Building Research Programme) is to distil corpora of massively complex human and organizational behavior aiming to discover behavioral structures and regularities through synthesis, induction, and theorizing. 


BMDC (Business Model Design Center) is the the world's first interdisciplinary research center focusing on business models.



FIRM (Firms, Innovation and Relations Management) works with aspects of the business economy and administration research field.



IMPAKT (Center for Impact Analyses of Investments in Knowledge and Technology) focuses on the effects and broader socio-economic impacts of investments in knowledge, technology and innovation.



The association of scientists in ORCA (Organizational Renewal and Creativity Applied) focuses on the development and challenges regarding organizations and the associated creativity.  


UKA (Research group for Unlimited Knowledge Application) focuses on how individuals and groups might work towards a more unlimited application of knowledge and thus enhance their level of creativity in education, work and the rest of their life. 


DCHI (Danish Center for Healthcare Improvements) generates knowledge and methods for improvement in daily clinical practice.



IBC (International Business Centre) is a specialist in global business studies. Globally, IBC conducts research on companies from a wide range of developed, developing and transition economies.  


MAC (Management, Accounting and Control) boasts some of the leading Danish experts within public and private sector management accounting, performance measurement, Activity Based Costing, informatics, budgeting and business models. 

Reseach Networks


CRU (Center for Regional Development) has since fall 2006 initiated and disseminated research on regional development. The fields have either been directly on North Jutland issues or had relevance to North Jutland.




Globelics (Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems) is a worldwide, open and diverse community of scholars working on innovation and competence building in the context of economic development. 



The DRUID Academy (Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics) offers a specialized course program and arranges a unique annual PhD training conference. In support of its global research community, DRUID furthermore hosts series of papers, videos, and photos.



NJK (Nordjysk Konjunkturbarometer - North Jutlandic Business Survey) aims to measure the actual and expected developments in North Jutland business cycles based on reporting from private firms (Not updated anymore).